Our Products

Have a look at Our Products & Solutions. Let us now if you have a business problem which can be solved using these.

MicroSan OneView ERP

MicroSan OneView ERP - ready to deploy, ERP for enterprise, for any Domain.

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MicroSan HRS

MicroSan Hotel Reservation System - a comprehensive, state of the art Hotel Reservation System simplifying Hotel booking & management needs.

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MicroSan Fleet Management system

A ready to deploy Solution, which Track, analyse and improve your fleet operations, Maximizes efficiency and optimize cost.

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Interactive Way Finding Solution

Way finding is a method by which we find our way around complex environments.

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AI Solution for Vision/Image Recognition

A Solution, which helps clients to solve problems in scenarios like,...

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AI Solutions for SALES TEAM

MITHRA, Dealer Mesh, Sales Intelligence Platform, Concierge

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Smart Watch

We are developing a radio controlled smart watch application for our client.

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Physician and patient portal

We are developing a full-turnkey HIPAA compliant physician and patient portal for US based Medical group.

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Medical Second Opinion

We've completed a medical platform that can be used to get second opinion from a panel of expert doctors

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Cloud Hosting & DB Migration

Microsan Cloud hosting and DB migration solution provide to one of the CA State Departments.

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Slashdot and Sourceforge

One of the biggest media and freeware software group of companies - Provided IT Staffs to rebuild their products.

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Embedded software algorithm

Developed cold battery embedded software algorithm for our client IESoftworks

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Face recognition software

Developed and implemented end to end solution using .NET technologies for a Roseville, CA based Security Systems Company.

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Gaming & Website

Developed numerous apps, games and websites for our clients spread across the world.

Business Intelligence

Developed a complete business intelligence dashboard that shows volume of sales across the country, sales by gender, sales by various different products, projection of sales on a weekly basis, tabular format customized view as per the login, PDF, excel, world format downloads etc